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My name is Jez Stratton and I am the founder of and California Sailshades and first, let me say thank you for visiting our site. We strive to be the best U.S. resource for shadesails for both the consumer and professional installers, and we hope you learn something new about shadesails at each visit.


I started working with shadesails in 2004 when I became captivated with their beautiful soaring curves and intrigued with the possibilities. I’ve been designing, building, and installing tensioned fabric shade structures ever since.


Anyone who does an internet search for shadesails today, will very quickly surmise that most of the action is in Australia. The Aussies invented them (although some say the Romans did and fabric sun barriers are as old as the bible), but the they were the first to make tensioned fabric a structural element. High tension is the key, and it is the glue that holds these structures together.


Since starting in this field I’ve been in partnership with an Australian sailmaker for a few years, and also an importer of shadesails from a variety of top Australian companies for the last 7 years. In that time we have installed several hundred shadesails so I know what a good sail shade looks like, how it’s fabricated, and how it installs.


Last year we bought a new facility in Oakland and began to sew our own shadesails. We took it slowly at first, making sails for our own projects primarily. Now I am proud to say we are sewing an extremely high quality product that meets, and in some cases exceeds, the best I’ve seen from Australia.


All of our shade cloth meets California Fire Marshall standards which are the toughest in the nation. Most Aussie shade cloth won’t pass our codes or you'll pay extra for Fire-retardent that does.


We also use PTFE sewing thread throughout and it is impervious to UV! We are so confident that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee that the stitching will not fail due to UV degradation. If the stitching fails and the sail is still good we'll resew it for free! All of our shadecloth carries a 10 Year UV Degradation Warranty at a minimum. These products take a real beating under the sun and you want to know they are manufactured to the highest industry standards available today.


Frankly, I’m at a loss to know why the Aussies don’t use PTFE thread more. Granted, it is 10x the price of a heavy duty polyester and little more tricky to sew, but it is IMPERVIOUS to UV degradation and polyester thread begins to lose strength as soon as the sun comes out! I’ve had some seam failures on sails I  got from Australia 6 years ago and the polyester thread has almost evaporated. I’m glad they waited to fail until I had a sewing facility at our disposal!


So please have a look around, use our Instant Quoter to get very fast quotes and call us if you have ANY questions. We want to be the best sail shade supplier in the U.S. and to do that we have to make it easy for our customers to succeed. We welcome feedback about how we’re doing.

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